Live Online Training Sessions with On-Demand Learning Center Access

Set aside the time to learn, do it in one shot!

Live workshops, held monthly covering the three common areas of document work management in SharePoint, SharePoint On-Line, and Office 365 Business Professional.  The areas covered are:

  • 1. Real Document Management with SharePoint - Features you probably don't know about...
  • 2. Workflow on SharePoint - Automating work processes related to management of documents
  • 3. Records Management on SharePoint - Automating the "compliance" aspect of keeping documents as records.

All live sessions use a Kollabria created training site, to show you (in detail) how to configure your environment.  Ask questions anytime using chat. All sessions include 12 months of on-demand "re-fresher" training access.

Take up to 12 months to learn, ask questions via forum, schedule a private appointment with an advisor/instructor, take new courses, access new materials..

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On-Demand Training & Learning Center Access

Fit training around your busy schedule, take your time!

Learn anytime. The on-demand curriculum is a recording of the live training session without the questions and clarification that are being asked of the instructor.  You can start and stop at anytime, and access training 24/7.

Take up to 12 months to learn, and ask questions via email, schedule an appointment with an advisor, take new courses, access new materials.

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