Chances are that your SharePoint/Office365 environment was not originally configured to take advantage of the Smart Process Application capabilities it has. Now that people are using it more and more, and now that Microsoft's Office Suite of Productivity applications is pretty much directly tied into it, all content indiscriminately flows through it. Breaking the relevant content out of the indiscriminate flow, making SharePoint "smart" about it and then providing the proper blueprint specifications is what we do using the methodology below. At the end of that process you will know exactly what you need to do, and how to do it.

Order - The Right Way To Smart Process Applications

Chaos - The Wrong Way


Step 1: Discovery

Determine use of business documents, users, security, workflows and retention needs and requirements. Evaluate current practices, and bottlenecks, use of existing repositories and best practices.

Step 1: Build - Building before knowing what you're building turns your collaboration environment into a chaotic mess of folders, duplicate files and overwhelming amounts of content, and over burdened use of Search.


Step 2: Analysis

Determine efficiencies, process improvements, costs, and potential savings. Analyze document automation needs for streamlining business processes to eliminate searching and implement finding.

Step 2: Functional Design - Creating a functional design built around complaints and dissatisfied users, or blaming them for not knowing how to "use" SharePoint is an exercise in futility.


Step 3: Specification

Blueprint solution requirements, configuration steps, libraries, workflows, retention and records requirements in order to restore order, improve productivity and streamline efficiency.

Step 3: Attempting to specify features, capabilities and otherwise digging yourself out of a hole after having built everything the wrong way for the wrong purpose is also futile.


Step 4: Functional Design

Create a functional solution design, test and refine.

Step 4: After having built and rolled out the platform, people eventually figure out that things aren't working right, and burdensome features are usually turned off. This usually results in users loosing much of the benefit they gain from the platform.


Step 5: Build

Expand functional design and roll out to users.

Step 5: Discovery - You have to start with understanding the business process and the requirements for successfully executing it.

Bring Smart Process Automation to your SharePoint Environment

Buried in your SharePoint/Office 365 universe is lots of content your company and your business process depends on.  We can show you how you can extract that content, organize it and process it.

Under-resourced IT departments don't always have the bandwidth to help you solve your particular issue or problem and quite frankly could use some help.  We are that help, and that extra resource.

Smart Process Automation isn't just about "knowing SharePoint", its about knowing that and how to build smart processes in the smartest possible way. It helps to know what you're building before you build it.

Smart Process Automation isn't just about creating requirements and putting developers to work on creating it.  In fact in most cases we've seen you might as well just burn the money.  SharePoint/Office 365 is so feature rich that in many cases your goal can be achieved with proper guidance, planning and configuration.  If you need developers so be it, but don't start spending money on it before you find out for sure that it can't be done in other ways.

Smart Process Blueprint Advisor

When you're trying to rally the "smarts" Office 365 and SharePoint have you get stuck. Sometimes you just need a smart process expert to look over your shoulder to help and give you guidance. Whether you're starting a project, or thinking about starting one, or problem solving an existing one, this program is ideal for those early stages. We'll give you 10 program hours of advice for you to use over the course of 6 months for one flat fee of $2,250.

Smart Process BluePrint Explorer

You have a business problem, and you're trying to solve it by making your SharePoint/O365 smarter. The content is in your SharePoint/O365 environment, and you need to configure a solution to organize it. Notice we said configure, not develop. There is a lot you can do just with configuration options. It usually takes about 15 - 20 hours to come up with a configuration plan for most common options. This is the program for you.


You need more than the other two programs. Maybe you're thinking about something bigger, more comprehensive and longer term. We can help with that too. Tell us what you need and want to accomplish and we'll generate a proposal for you.