Workshop Description and Agenda:

Proper Document Management, Workflow & Records Management with SharePoint and Office 365

SharePoint and Office 365 can do far more for your business than how you probably make use of it today.  This detailed one day training workshop is designed to help you change that.   Kollabria Enterprise Content Management experts show you exactly how to use and configure SharePoint (that's right no programming) in far more effective ways to solve business problems related to the management of documents and the automation of document driven business processes than you can imagine. 

Out of the box, SharePoints document management features are by default limited to functioning as a group file cabinet that mimics a typical file share. Under the hood however lies a dormant set of features and capabilities designed to turbo-charge your business productivity by automating document processes at a team, workgroup, department and even enterprise level.   The SharePoint "Content Model" (turned off by default) has important features like:

Libraries (not the way you are using them today)
Content Types
Content Organizer
Metadata Term Store
Record Center
SharePoint Workflow
And Others...

When combined, these powerful features will provide your organization with an advanced no-code solution to common business document automation needs, and better time saving file management in general.  This detailed training workshop will walk you through the process of how to configure and use these powerful capabilities using a real world example of managing financial documents, but the same concepts and principles can be applied to any number of common business application.

Who Should Attend:

Business Managers

Business management can learn how existing or planned SharePoint/O365 deployment can be used to gain greater business productivity, simplify existing processes and do more with less.

SharePoint Administrators

All SharePoint administrators need this workshop. An ideal combination is for administrators to attend with management of the business team they support for all the obvious reasons.

IT Management

IT management also needs this workshop because it covers essential functionality that all departments using SharePoint need.  Secondarily companies already using ECM solutions might want to use this information in order to understand how the functionality of those existing solution can be delivered by SharePoint.

Compliance Management

Since everything contained in SharePoint is a record, obviously compliance management needs to understand how these features and capabilities provide for compliance and e-discovery.

Business Analysts

These common but rarely utilized features of SharePoint can be applied to a wide range of business applications and go a long way to meeting business solutions needs that are currently unmet or being met through the use of redundant software applications.

The instructor(s) will be using a live version of SharePoint On-Line to teach.  While this is not necessary to participate in the training class, students are welcome to follow along with their own SharePoint if they so desire.


Document Management:

(You can read a detailed session description here.)

Activating the SharePoint/OneDrive for Business Content Model

In order to effectively manage, control, organize, classify, automate, secure and efficiently find business documents in SharePoint, the appropriate features must be turned on and configured properly for best results. This session will walk you through the process of doing that in SharePoint (or Office 365), and, will provide the appropriate configuration guidelines and best practices necessary to create a solid underpinning for any document management and process automation application.

Configuring Proper Libraries in SharePoint/OneDrive for Business

The document library is the core underpinning of creating effective well managed document repositories in SharePoint.  Proper libraries can draw on and utilize the features of the SharePoint content model in order to provide maximum controls for user interaction with the library in order to allow them to rapidly get to the right information, manage open work items, and structure their interaction with the library in a productive, intuitive and effective manner.  This session will walk the student through the document library creation process.

Migrating Documents into the Newly Constructed Libraries and Improved Content Model

Now that a set of effective well managed libraries have been constructed and the SharePoint content model is fully operational, we can begin the process of migrating documents from other environments into the new libraries. That includes unmanaged documents from other sites or the libraries previously used, file shares on the network that contain documents that need to be part of the new library environment, and paper documents that may be in file cabinets or email attachments.  This session will demonstrate how to configure SharePoint to perform these actions.


(You can read a detailed session description here.)

Configuring Workflow Automation with SharePoint

This session shows how to activate and use all appropriate workflow capabilities provided in SharePoint. We will demonstrate how to construct workflows and best practices for implementing them in the newly created libraries for our demo application.

Records Management:

(You can read a detailed session description here.)

Configuring SharePoint for Records Management

This session shows how to activate and use all appropriate records management capabilities provided in SharePoint. We will demonstrate how to construct a record center and best practices for implementing records manaagement in the newly created libraries for our demo application.

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Workshop Live On-Line Dates:

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Live Online via Zoom:

April  20, 2018 

May 18,2018

June 15,2018


Reservation: - $595 per person

(Generous discounts apply for teams up to 3)