2 hr session

Records Management on SharePoint is a powerful set of features and capability that aid not just the management of content as records, but also contains other document management features useful across the board. 

The instructor will demonstrate the entire suite of capability contained with out of the box SharePoint, detail its common usage, point out weaknesses and teach you to assemble a well managed document environment in a little over 2 hours.

Take your time as you go through the step by step instructions provided.  The session is long, and thorough.  Our training video controller provides you with complete control over the presentation.




There is a lot of information covered, but this is the really important stuff....

SharePoint Records Management Explained

Understanding how Records Management is performed utilizing the out of the box SharePoint records features.


What you will learn...


During the first part of this session the instructor walks you through the Records Management settings in order to configure them properly so that you can have a real records library.  

Creating Retention Schedules

Using Rules and other capabilities to manage retention schedules and requirements.

What you will learn...


During the second major part of this session the instructor walks you through the creation and use of previously discussed features and how they are used by the records management component.  

Content Organizer and other Management Goodies

Full range of features available with the SharePoint records management capability.

What you will learn...


During this last part of this session the instructor walks you through the utilility and capability of additional records features.  At the end of this session you will know all you need to create a fully featured and functional document management environment on SharePoint from Libraries to Workflow to Managing Document Lifecycles.


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