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  • Did you know…..If you own or use a Mac the only way that you can install and use Microsoft Office applications is by purchasing an Office 365 account? No disc, no download, no other way to install Word, PowerPoint etc. Yup, you are forced into a subscription model for that software. The good news is

  • The answer to this question depends on what you are looking to get out of Office 365. The name of this Microsoft solution is a bit misleading, but I think this latest iteration, an expansion beyond the long-lived desktop software, it is much more appropriate. An office is much more than just a document, or

  • Microsoft offers lots of different software, most of which offers great capability. However, much of the capability is lost and therefore underutilized by the masses because of the level of complexity. This appears to be by design. There are many factors behind the complexity of many applications. These factors range from the quality of the

  • I have always resisted using the term Enterprise Content Management. What I struggled with was a simple question. Why are we calling the document management solution in a finance department with 50 users “enterprise content management”, especially when the other 79,950 employees don’t even know what that is? It seemed a bit bold, self serving

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  • Libraries for Work Management SharePoint Libraries are a key component for work management. Metaphorically, libraries are similar to file cabinets. They hold your content, and allow you to find and retrieve your content whenever you need to do work. However, SharePoint libraries are far more capable then any static file cabinet (or file share in

  • Content Types: The Key of the SharePoint Content Model SharePoint is a powerful tool for work management. It is built to perform many functions – some better than others. SharePoint’s ability to do these functions stems from its core content model. The root of this model is the content type.The content type is a very

  • Understanding Workflow Workflow, from a work management perspective, is the steps taken to move a process from a particular starting point to a particular endpoint. Often, workflow is confused with business process automation. However, it is more accurate to identify workflow as a part of business process automation – a piece of the whole solution.

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