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Kollabria SharePoint Business Professional Training (Free)

Does your company use SharePoint or Office365 Business Premium or above?  If it does then you need to take this on-line class.  Our online SharePoint Business Professional E-Learning Program is the most comprehensive program available to provide you with the knowledge to effectively utilize SharePoint and Office 365 Pro (and above)in your business.  You can start right now, its FREE.

 Access the class  in our online education center and learn at your own pace. 

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The Missing Business Manual for SharePoint, and the Missing Business Skill


"Technologists care about learning how the mousetrap works, business cares about catching mice."


SharePoint may be one of the most powerful mousetraps in your business solution arsenal, but figuring out how it works is far less important than figuring out what you can do with it, business wise.  That is why we created the SharePoint Business Professional program.  Business needs to develop a view of SharePoint that goes beyond learning to work it as a technology, and towards maximizing its value to the business. Most if not all SharePoint training focuses exclusively on manipulating the mousetrap, with little to no attention paid to understanding the business impact of many of SharePoint powerful features.

Most business management operates under the mistaken impression that SharePoint is an application, and then assumes if you learn the application you can use it.  SharePoint is not an application, it is a platform.  It is a platform with a 13,000 page instruction manual that requires deep IT knowledge in set up and configure, and most importantly requires business involvement in specifying requirements... otherwise what you get is a mess.  


The business architect is a missing but necessary role in the SharePoint world whose job it is to define what should be built, and for what business purpose. A business architect (the SharePoint Business Professional™) understands all of the out of the box features of SharePoint and how they can be used to configure a wide range of business applications, not just responding to this week's need for yet another web part. 


  • A SharePoint Business Professional™ can efficiently translate the requirements of business users into the features and capabilities of SharePoint, saving your development and IT staff an enormous amount of headaches trying to build solutions where requirements are poorly conceived, or preventing a waste of time and effort when the desired solution is not possible to build with SharePoint.
  • A SharePoint Business Professional™ can determine the need for additional products to extend the SharePoint environment in the right way, and also determine whether or not those extensions are indeed necessary, will meet user solution needs, or are the right choice.
  • A SharePoint Business Professional™ understands ALL of the configuration capabilities and limitations of SharePoint and how they can be used to create, configure, manage and deploy a wide range of business applications.


The "documentation" for SharePoint (in the form of Microsoft TechNet and MSDN) stretches in excess of 13,000 pages. It is randomly organized by technology or feature and provides little in terms of planning or architecting support. It tells you what something is, but provides little in terms of explaining how it relates to to a solution. From a sheer volume of information perspective, it is clear that few people have read it, or given the level of organization, can even make sense out of what they have read. We have. The SharePoint Business Professional™ training program breaks all of that information down and organizes it in a series of meaningful conceptual models that are highly useful, consistent, and easy to share with others. In short, after the class, the training manual becomes the missing business manual for SharePoint 2010. It is designed to be repeatedly utilized for team planning and internal project management purposes.


Review the SBP Education Program Course Description

Review the SBP Curriculum Outline


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