Kollabria Collaboration in the Enterprise Research Program 


The Kollabria Collaboration in the Enterprise Research Program is a primary research program that tracks the adoption, usage, application needs and competitive trends in the collaborative enterprise computing arena. Respondent samples are drawn across all 12 Microsoft sales districts to allow for direct cross correllation between all products and applications in a SharePoint setting, thus producing a fair and balanced viewpoint and direct comparison to SharePoint. 

Regional data is intended to assist the go to market and sales efforts of regional software providers, consultants, and integrators. 

The National Program rolls the regional information up into a national report that presents all analysis as national trends and regional trends.

The program is an annual (12 month) subscription, and provides the features below. Features are the same for regional program subscribers but analysis, data, inquiry is limited to regional results.


Annual Program Features:

Primary Research Survey: Kollabria conducts an annual primary research program across all twelve sales regions to understand trends in the SharePoint marketplace affecting user adoption, business applications and usage, competitive threats, support and solution needs, as well as other trends.

Research & analysis is available on line, and a master analysis and summary is also distributed in hard copy. 

Newsletters & Analysis: Kollabria analysts and experts will contribute newsletters and topical special analysis of important trends on a quarterly basis.

Quarterly Update: Kollabria will conduct quarterly survey updates incorporating client questions as well as other focused research to clarify and "zero in on" important trends and issues.  Clients can submit questions they would like to ask.  Some provisions are available for "private" questions. 

Inquiry Program: Kollabria analysts and experts will answer inquiry questions related to market statistics, analysis, opinion and current events in this arena. Inquiry is limited to 40 hours per year for subscribers, and is unlimited for subscribers to the national program.


Regional Program: $3,499 per region - Subscribe now

National Program: $34,900 (12 regions) - Subscribe now


For questions and more information please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or call (844) 565-5227

You can see some selected sample data from our most recent survey(s)