Read Ahead Tutorials

  • Understanding Workflow Workflow, from a work management perspective, is the steps taken to move a process from a particular starting point to a particular endpoint. Often, workflow is confused with business process automation. However, it is more accurate to identify workflow as a part of business process automation – a piece of the whole solution.

  • Content Types: The Key of the SharePoint Content Model SharePoint is a powerful tool for work management. It is built to perform many functions – some better than others. SharePoint’s ability to do these functions stems from its core content model. The root of this model is the content type.The content type is a very

  • Libraries for Work Management SharePoint Libraries are a key component for work management. Metaphorically, libraries are similar to file cabinets. They hold your content, and allow you to find and retrieve your content whenever you need to do work. However, SharePoint libraries are far more capable then any static file cabinet (or file share in

On-Demand or Live on-line Training

Unleash the business power of SharePoint and Office 365 Business Professional. There is plenty of capability under the hood particularly in the area of document management, workflow and records management that could replace some existing platforms as well as providing new features and capabilities that are already there but need to be configured. Whichever you choose, Live On-Line, or On-Demand Webinar, both will get you there and provide all the detail and step by step instructions you need.