Blueprints by Department

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Bring order to proof of delivery documentation, accounts payable documents, customer correspondence.  Create a status dashboard, build a drop-off library, put an end to attachment versioning issues... and thats just for starters.


Manage contracts, delivery milestones, legal calendars, shipping documents, proof of delivery, repair procedures all in tidy libraries with instantly locatable content.... that too is just for starters.


Manage contracts, proposals, past documents, product literature, forms and anything else within one click of your CRM.  Instead of searching or endlessly slogging through foldersfor items, link to a SharePoint/Office library that has it all.

Human Resources

Stay on top of forms, resumes, residence documents, legal documents, emails, deposit forms, health insurance not to mention a plethora of wet signature forms and papers with one neatly organized library. Think of the possibilities .....

Our blueprints help you turn "site settings" gibberish into a bunch of good stuff!


Not every solution is the same, has the same needs and the same requirements. Each blueprint is exclusively crafted to meet your specific requirements. Some examples shown below...

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