Bring Order to SharePoint Chaos

Managing content in a collaboration platform like SharePoint, SharePoint On-Line and Office 365 Business Premium, requires planning and a proper execution of a series of critical steps, utilizing (in most cases) features and capabilities that are dormant, improperly configured or completely turned off by default.

Without having these features turned on, their use properly planned, defined, and configured, chaos ensues because users will work in a shared environment practicing file and content management in the same way they have always done it while working in the privacy of their own desktop world.  They will follow their own organizational processes, file & folder naming and organization conventions that simply don’t work when you’re sharing a “hard drive” with a team or across multiple teams.  As a result information the business processes need is buried and information and data that is critical to the company for the timely, productive and cost effective execution of a variety of business processes can’t be managed.

Smart Process Applications

Its not as important to manage all content that users interact with, but its critical to manage the content related to the efficient and cost effective execution of business processes different users in different departments are engaged in.   SharePoint (in all versions) comes with the capabilites necessary to create Smart Process Applications directly within SharePoint teamsites.  SharePoint has the ability to become smart about the kind and nature of the content that it has contained within it,  and has the ability to execute business rules about how it must be managed, how it should be shared, and it has the ability to treat content as records.

In short SharePoint has all of the core capabilities necessary to create smart process applications directly within the platform itself.  In fact new features are constantly being added by Microsoft to make that smart process application even more powerful.  The most powerful aspect of those features is that most if not all of it can be done without coding.

Unravel the Chaos

We can help you do that with our SharePoint StartPoint™ service.  We’ll do the planning, specifying and designing of your Smart Process Application and generate a step by step blueprint for your organization to follow. We’ll coach your internal or external resources to get them implemented and functioning in the intended way

businessman drawing business strategy