Make an Appointment

Get past whatever has you stumped. Make an appointment with a problem solver on line, to discuss your issue(s) with a Kollabria consultant. Each member gets 90 minutes of consulting time per membership year.  Schedule them in 15 minute increments, or all at once.  Peruse the appointment calendar of your favorite advisor and pick a convenient time for yourself.

Get Smart and Stay Smart

All Kollabria training courses are free forwith your annual membership.  New classes are being added all the time.

We Wrote the Book on SharePoint for Business

Literally!  Every single aspect and feature of SharePoint and SharePoint On-line is described in our tutorial section, along with a description of why and how it could be used to solve business problems.  New information is being added all the time that you can study at your leisure.


Monthly webinars cover a variety of topics, which are all free to attend and replay for our SharePoint for Business community.


Members helping members.  Learn from others to see how they solved their problems, and get their input on yours.