Kollabria Research

Kollabria Research is a consulting and market research firm providing education, technology and consulting services to the collaborative enterprise content management sector, applying more than 75 years of combined experience with enterprise content management technologies and solutions.

Our Team

Rai Wasner

Raimund Wasner, Managing Director

Raimund M. Wasner, is a highly regarded analyst and expert on ECM and SPA practices & technologies. He has researched, studied and written about personal computing, document management, document imaging, workflow, records management, groupware, web content management technologies for more than 25 years. Wasner rallyied the document management industry in the early nineties and created the CDIA certification program for document management for CompTIA. He also led the team, and contributed to the creation of the first industry standard training curriculum for ECM which had more than 15,000 graduates.

Prior to Kollabria, Wasner was Senior Vice President for what is now Forrester Research. He started the first document management and workflow research practice in 1987, and has worked with leading vendors and users alike to achieve success with ECM implementations. He along with two partners also started the first magazines in the ECM space. ImagingWorld, (now KMworld) was started in 1991, and Imaging Business (now Business Solutions) was started in 1993.

Prior to that Wasner was Research Director at the Yankee Group, where he directed research on personal computing, on-line service delivery, mobile technology and personal and consumer automation technologies. Wasner and his team were the creators of the Technologically Advanced Family (TAF) research program and consumer segmentation scheme.

After graduating from the University of California at Berkeley with a degree in Linguistics, Wasner under the leadership of fellow Cal student Masayoshi Son (Chairman and founder of Japan Softbank) was instrumental in the creation of the worlds first hand held talking translator from Sharp Corporation. Wasner, Son and team directed the team of experts (of which he was one) that developed algorithms and software to correctly translate common travellor phrases and words into 16 foreign languages.

Barry Baronas

Barry Baronas, Director of Research & Development

20+ years experience in information technology including a specific focus over the last 9 years on extensively researching, analyzing, designing and implementing Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and information management solutions in modern web architectures.

Demonstrated research, design and implementation expertise includes:

  • Evaluating best of breed technologies, products, and development techniques to develop innovative solutions for managing multiple information sources across the enterprise.
  • Determining the feasibility, viability and implementation of solutions and techniques among among alternative architectures (embedded, enterprise, cloud, and hybrid).
  • Defining and translating business requirements into technical requirements for development teams to execute against.

Developing queries and algorithms for enhanced information management using modern search techniques and textual categorization technologies – e.g., Natural Language Processing (NLP), LatentLatent Dirichlet Allocation (LDA), Term Frequency/Inverse Document Frequency (TF/IDF).

Specialties: Research, specification, implementation and ongoing management and evolution of IT solutions; network architecture, design and management; server and system architecture, design and implementation; SharePoint and other Microsoft products, Search (Lucene/Elasticsearch, Tika, etc.), NoSQL, VPN, IT Security, Mac OS X, Linux (enterprise and embedded), LAN, WAN, WLAN, Web Development utilizing: HTML/XHTML, CSS, and MySQL

Adam Jones

Adam Jones, Engineering Director

A focused and seasoned Information Technology leader and engineer with a demonstrated record of delivering cost effective, secure, reliable and available enterprise solutions that scale for top Fortune 500 brands including L.L. Bean, MetLife, Home Depot, IBM and others. Proven ability to monitor and adapt to technology trends, address complex operations, and provide direction and oversight of large budgets and collaborative team environments.

Experience with direction and oversight of large budgets and collaborative team environments, complex operations, and successfully leading development teams and projects in a variety of SDLC management methodologies including Agile, Waterfall, Scrum and Kanban.

Ongoing focus on researching and evaluating market trends and new technologies, combining and integrating best of breed solutions with new code in order to cost effectively deliver scalable and competitively differentiated solutions, and fostering and sustaining productive business relationships with customers, partners, team members and employees.

Expertise with the following technologies: Nodejs, Java, PHP, SQL, NoSQL, HTML5, Angular, jQuery, Bootstrap, Krakenjs, Dustjs, Handlebars, CodeIgniter, Symfony and more.