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Kollabria is a research and consulting firm with a focus on collaboration platforms, enterprise content management and a special focus on Microsoft SharePoint.  Our primary mission is to provide the education, training and consulting support to enable business to achieve the maximum benefit these technologies and platforms can provide.



Fotolia 53450902 XSLearn about SharePoint in our new Kollabria On-Line SharePoint Training and Education Center. Take our 8 Chapter SharePoint Business Professional program to truly learn to see that SharePoint is far more than meets the eye, and to truly understand its solution potential, not just its technology.


Fotolia 58870675 XSSign up for our free SharePoint for Business Advisor program and receive valuable Advisor Notes covering the challenge of creating high quality business solutions on SharePoint.  Comment on articles, pose questions for our experts, and much more.


50x50 SMART LogoCheck out our SharePoint Market Trends Research (SMART) program.  Take a look at some of the real world data we provide about the SharePoint market, and how that data challenges common perception.


Fotolia 57956571 XSSharePoint Education Program

Our SharePoint Business Professional education program is a comprehensive articulation of all SharePoint features and how they can positively impact the business environment. Intended for SharePoint administrators, IT business analysts, and IT executive management, it provides a detailed functional overview of SharePoint, its architecture, all its features, all of its capabilites and does from a functional and business benefit point of view. An essential tool for business solution planners, the program provides an absolutely essential comprehensive understanding of SharePoint of what can and can not be done with the platform.


Kollabria SharePoint for Business SeminarsFotolia 58483039 XS

Kollabria seminars are free vendor sponsored educational seminars that focus on a variety of business applications for SharePoint technologies. Ranging from line of business applications in Finance, Operations, Sales and Human Resources to specific horizontal capabilities in document management, workflow, business intelligence, social business and multi-platform integration, these half day seminars provide the business professional with a well grounded educational overview of the range of business solutions that SharePoint, Office365, and Yammer can provide.

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